Hello everyone,

Sadly, my channel has now received its second strike. If I get a third one it will result in my channel being permanently terminated and a years worth of hard work will go down the drain. This is what happens when you speak the TRUTH. They are censoring truther’s content more and more as the weeks go by. No, it is not “misinformation” as the mainstream likes to deem it as. The powers that be in this world DO NOT want average people like you and me knowing about TRUTH and what’s REALLY going on. I need each and every one of you to help me out by sharing my content around as much as possible.

This video is about truckers going on a nation wide strike. The protest will take place later this month in order to show their distaste with the outcome of the election. This is going to cause food and water shortages and will absolutely slow the distribution down tremendously. I also go over other sources from the media that have been talking about the “darkest winter” which is right on the horizon.

I hope you are all well and that you have all been preparing for what is to come.

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