Beef and Broccoli


Let me make something abundantly clear to people out there who believe they are being “healthy” and have this idea in their head that they look all “appealing.” This also goes out to the ones who feel like they need to comment on everything I devour.

First of all, being a revolutionary or being open minded should not be associated with being a nutrition freak, a vegetarian or a vegan; that is what we would call a dietary choice.  If someone wants to promote that type of ignorance instead of what we’re supposed to be fighting against, then they’re just screwing themselves.

I don’t go around endorsing the real truth about the world by shoving it in people’s faces on the streets.  I don’t get angry with someone who does not agree with me or start calling them names because they don’t see what I see. I’ve come to realize this is a problem people have with themselves and perhaps if they’re blessed, only God can help them lift up those spiritual blinders they wear. I don’t make remarks at certain groups for not eating steak sandwiches or living off of radishes, vegetations, tofu or those who only consume a specific food category.        

I like a lot of those styles of cuisines, but I’ll be damned if I let someone or something push their agendas on me.

We have been raised in a society where being “skinny” is the only way to look more “attractive.”  Especially if you are in generation Z (like me). We are programmed to believe you must be as thin as possible in order to appeal to others, mainly if you’re a girl. 

This adds a tremendous amount of social pressure on the female gender. Young girls are growing up in the most judgmental society to ever be present.

And if you think this constant judging of the exterior is going to go away or has absolutely no affect you…

Think again.

The fact of the matter is women naturally think more with their emotional impulses than males do. Therefor, the majority of them have become heavily influenced to look like what they see on TV or social media. 

Why do you think the gym and fitness is such a booming industry these days?

You can’t go on Snapchat or Instagram or whatever social media that exists today, and not find a fitness “guru” on the trending page who has thousands upon thousands of followers. These narcissistic “gurus” usually have slim bodies and encourage the viewers to look like them. These “gurus” do nothing but make teens and young adults feel insecure about themselves. They make others feel like they are not beautiful and it makes them envious of the model they are watching on social media.  The viewers start to become in love with these narcissistic false idols. Unconsciously they will strive to be exactly like them. They will subtly imitate and shadow the individual of who they admire on a subconscious level.

Moreover, you can’t use these social engineering apps and not have an ad pop up that promotes some sort of “nutrition diet.”

You know what I mean, right?

These ads will always guarantee you lose X amount of weight in X amount of time.

The powers that be in this world obviously want to push this slimmer gaze agenda as a trend for a reason. They are well aware this leads to mental illnesses within the American culture.

Now, I’m in no way shape or form saying there is anything wrong with going to the gym or having a proper diet. In fact, it is critical and necessary to focus on one’s health and well-being. However, what I’m saying here is most people’s logicality of expecting everyone to adapt to their particular idea of what being “healthy” is, is just preposterous.  Society has this strange belief that just because someone is skinny then they must be in excellent physical condition, and on top of that society tells them that they are good looking.

I’ve encountered innumerable scrawny herbivores before, and if they want to argue health, then some sort of supplement is severely needed. The reason being is most of them are so skinny that it’s disgusting, looking like they have not consumed a single carbohydrate in months.

If people honestly think being a lean twig makes you more beautiful, you are wide of the mark.

You see, maybe some will find them attractive and want to peruse after them, but it’s all mere lust, it has nothing to do with who they are on a personal level. I have seen this more times than I can count where a guy or girl drops some weight and starts attracting more of the opposite sex. As a result, now they have an exaggerated ego.

Sure, maybe they do look more “eye-catching” on the outside, but on the inside they have become hideous, because now they think they’re better than others. Now they are adopting this mentality where they start believing they’re more important than they really are.

As another result, they assume they’re all sophisticated, so they go on their Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or whatever the hell kind of social media they use, and post a bunch of revealing pictures of themselves in their slender frame. Next, they watch all of the likes and comments rack up. They examine their friends telling them how amazing and flawless they look. Then the opposite gender chimes in and tells then how sexy they look with the water droplet emojis.

Yup, you know what I’m referring to here, right!?

I’m sure those individuals are not just horny at all. I’m sure they think those “public figures” or whatever they like to identify themselves as are very stunning on an internal cerebral scale!

Yeah right…

So now that all of these betas have validated them, they start to become all prideful and self absorbed. This is because they have limitless options to choose from with these lustful individuals chasing after them. Now they actually begin believe that they’re hotter than they really are.

I hate to be the burden of bad news, but if you are one of those types, you are amongst one of the ugliest breeds of humans in my eyes. I do not care how physically attractive you think you are, I’m a genuine man who desires something far beyond just the way that you look, such as disciplined intellectualism.

Understand: in my demographics and in my position of where I grew up, I have always been on the outside looking in at the world through a small crack.  When you’re in my shoes, you become very observant and aware; you can make observations and conclusions of the ones who you grew up with quite easily.

It’s crazy how quickly their behavior can change and how they start to become highly conceded. They even have this idea that they are more significant than they really are. This great mental illusion of superiority is something called grandiosity. You yourself are more under this grand delusion than you might like to think.

I began to notice these things roughly five years ago once my peers went off away to college. However I do still witness these actions to this very day. Kids in the town I live in get scattered across the United States at big universities, because of their parent’s “wealth.”

The vast majority of my female acquaintances from my youth and the ones who I casually meet to this day all have similar mentality’s when it comes to diet:

Simply just do whatever it takes to appear thinner.

Even if it means having to resort to starvation or purging.

Why would they do this?

Well, because a females image and persona is EVERYTHING to them.

It is utterly sickening to me that the opposite sex feels the need to do this. I’m not saying 100% of all young females do this, but I’m talking about the majority. 

It seems as if every other person I know tells me this wild stuff from first hand experience. Not only that, but I see and understand these things for what they really are. I’m focusing my attention too here on kids from the age range of 18-25, especially those who went through the whole typical college lifestyle (or are still living it).

 I seriously cannot stress enough about how many times I’ve seen how gross college cafeteria foods are. Plus, let’s face it, the parents can care less about what their 18-22 year old child is consuming at that large university, as long as they’re getting decent grades, right parents!?

These young adults will eat nothing but junk food and pound down alcohol every weekend as if there is no tomorrow. This results in them finding themselves in all sorts of messy situations (many of which they don’t consciously realize).

If you think just because you’re skinny that you’re healthy and good looking, you are mistaken. 

Chemically engineered food such as cereal, Quaker bars, chips, cookies, ramen noodles, Dominoes, frozen foods, alcohol, or whatever corporate rubbish snacks you decide to put into your body is all slowly killing you. Quite frankly most don’t even recognize it.

Nearly every time I’m casually grabbing a bite to eat with a companion, they always have something sarcastic to say about what I munch on. They love preaching to me about their diet and how they are so “health conscious” yet, they give the visual impression of being malnourished, looking like they could have appeared on Schindler’s list.   

The majority of you out there really should consider making it a goal to eat at least one sandwich a day.  It is not attractive to others when you’re nothing but skin and bone with absolutely no assets or muscle tone to at least make up for it. 

To top things off, these same skeletal humans are the ones under the grand delusion that they look cute. They even have the overconfidence to open up their mouths about my food and how I’m not being as “hale and hearty” compared to them. Mean while, my body looks ten times better than theirs does.

As I stated earlier in this blog post, I never criticize or diss anyone for what they eat, unless of course their well-being is concerning to me.

In conclusion kids, don’t bother commanding me on what I should and should not eat. I like beef and broccoli my youngsters so mind your goddamn business.

As a matter of fact…

You know what…

I’m out…

I feel like some arroz con pollo,

a banana daiquiri,

and a motherfucking bistec empanado.

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