Exposing Satanism In The Music Industry: Part 1

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes ladies and gentlemen, your favorite neighborhood controversy is back at you with another disputable post.

In today’s discussion, we will be going over how your favorite celebrities are indeed part of a giant occult. Obviously I’m not going to be covering every single celebrity or influencer because there are innumerable amounts of them. I will keep it brief and only mention the big names and the ones who almost everyone would be familiar with. I can talk about these concepts for days and days, so I’ll separate it into parts.

Look, I utterly hate to have to be the one to do this, but someone needs to convey the truth to you. Unfortunately, the majority of inhabitants either don’t have the balls or the brains to intervene and expose these so-called “famous” people.

If you have not read my previous post titled “The Unmitigated Gall,” I highly suggest taking a look at it. I briefly mention the signs and symbols to identify these occult members, along with tons of evidence to support these “bold” claims.


You must read through this with an open mind. I understand many of you love and adore celebrities and will want to make excuses for them. What I’m going to be showing you will change your views entirely, so get ready to have your reality flipped upside down.

For starters, lets comment on the fact that many of your favorite music artists have already told us how they sold their soul to the devil for fame. However, we believe they’re just joking and we look past this statement. I said this once, but I will say it again: stop hearing what these people say and start actively listening to them for once.

Please watch this little collage of all these famous names throwing up the same satanic gestures.


If you viewed the video, you clearly saw how there are no coincidences with these signs and symbols.

Why are they all throwing up the same hand signs as one another?

These people are supposed to be “artists” who are different and have their own unique style. However, these celebrities are all the same. Hence, this is why they incorporate the same symbols as one another. While some of these people may not know what they’re actually tattooing on their bodies or signing with their hands, many of them are well aware of what they’re doing and ultimately end up setting examples for their followers. This is how they jumped into their fame and fortune.

Listen, signs and symbols are dominant in this world whether you like it or not. We were never trained to pick up on them. Therefore, if someone like me delivers this news to you, you’ll likely label me as crazy. This is how ignorant most people have become. While school, the media, or your parents may have never spoken to you about these topics, this does not mean they aren’t true. You are going to have to do your own research on this information to get a better understanding as well.

Here is further proof of a handful of these people flat out telling you they sold their soul to the devil.

It’s interesting that there’s all of this talk about the devil and how celebrities are associated with him, but no one seems to care.

It utterly amazes me.

I sure hope you’re watching these videos so you can see for yourself how I’m not making this up. I know many of you solely just read through my posts, but you need to take a glance at the evidence I provide you with.

Well these videos are my proof. The problem is you are likely still choosing to not heed to the warning signs. If it seems normal how these celebrities claim to have multiple personalities, you need to think again.

Is it normal for adults to be saying these things?

Is it normal for adults to want to be themselves one day, but then the next day claim they are some character who dwells within them?

Could they possibly be subliminally hinting at demonic possession?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The vast majority of the population is entirely blinded by the admiration they possess for these “stars” and therefore they can’t fully detect their true nature.


Nicki Minaj says one of her alter egos is an entity named “Roman.”

Beyonce’s alter ego is “Sasha Fierce”

Jay-z = “Rain man”

Eminem= “Slim Shady”

Miley Cyrus= Hannah Montana

The list can go on and on, and if you’re curious you can click on this website for more. https://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-alter-egos/celebrity-lists

Listen, these people are mentally ill and are under MK ultra mind control.

Yes, if you couldn’t figure it out, this is the reason why they tell us they have “alter egos.”

When you hear them speak of these things, it should set off a light bulb in your head. Think of it as a subliminal clue, an indication of how they went through MK ultra. If you are a member of the Illuminati, you must go through satanic rituals and be put through mental torture and even some physical torture. Over a period of time, this causes these celebrities to go insane and it creates a split personality within them. This is how the higher ups in the music and film industry can control them and use them to push agendas out to the masses.

If you don’t believe me when I tell you MK ultra and mind control are existent tools, then maybe you will believe the CIA. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/search/site/mk%20ultra

Throughout the decades, we have already seen celebrities acting unstable more times than we can count.

It is not a coincidence folks!

Your mainstream media will often tell you the reason is due to “drug use.”

We all are aware our media outlets tell fibs, right?

In the picture below, we see Nicki Minaj dressed as the Whore of Babylon.

Image result for the whore of babylon nicki minaj

Now let me ask you, does this women look godly to you?

Does she look like someone you want to be like or be infuenced by?

For those of you who are unaware, the Whore of Babylon or Babylon the Great is a symbolic female figure and also a place of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Her full title is stated in Revelation 17 as Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth.

Do you comprehend this!?

“Prostitutes” and “abominations” to the earth! This is who the person YOU look up to is representing. Sadly, the majority of people are unaware of these realities, because most were simply not taught it while growing up. She is making references to scripture, because she is a satanist and blatantly showing all us who she truly is. Third eye navigator movements are absolutely necessary when it comes to what you see on television, as well as in the mainstream media.

She’s even standing next to a pope. This makes the audience watching at home assume there is nothing sinister about what she’s wearing. Little do we know though, the pope and other “religious leaders” you see on TV are satanists as well. Oh yes, it goes deeper beyond your wildest imagination. You can observe how Nicki’s hair is dyed blonde, or perhaps she is wearing a blonde wig. Either way, it is a symbol for MK ultra, which subliminally tells us they went though the process. Her hair is also in the shape of devil horns at the front corners. Both dyed blonde hair and devil horns are symbols of the occult. I made YouTube videos about each of these symbols. If you want, you may click the videos below to see what I mean.

Blond Hair Symbolism

Devil Horns Symbolism

Below is a lovely picture of our favorite Chris Brown. Look at the tattoos he has on his back!

Image result for chris brown back tattoos

It can’t get anymore obvious; it’s the typical Illuminati symbol. The pyramid with an all-seeing eye, which dates back in scripture to the days of Moses and the Pharaoh. This symbol also was used by an infamous man named Aleister Crowley, who was known in his time as “the most wicked man to ever live.” Crowley was also the individual who wrote about the number 666, which is commonly touched on by many as the number of the beast. We see endless reiterations of pyramids stamped with eye-balls practically all over the place. If it still does not ring a bell, then perhaps you should check your $1 bill. You will find it there, because that shows us exactly who controls our currency supply. He also has a creepy looking smiley face on top of the pyramid, which to me, symbolizes mass deceptions.

Not only does he have this tattoo, but he also has another very interesting one shown below!

Image result for chris brown back tattoos

Oh wow, what a surprise!

He has a serpent with its tongue sticking out.

Plus, incase you missed it…

Depicted on the tail is the pyramid with an all seeing eye!

Ahhhhh, how original!

The snake or serpent represents the Garden of Eve. When Satan deceived Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge, this is huge in the occult.

Hold your breath though, because there’s more!

Image result for chris brown preforming with pyramid and the all seeing eye

This is from a live performance he did on BET. I’m sure you can spot the very obvious symbol here!

Man, Chris brown appears to have an odd obsession with triangles and eyes, doesn’t he?

While we are on the subject of pyramids with all-seeing eyes, it reminds me of a song by Justin Timberlake, called “Supplies.” Let us take a look at symbols in the music video, shall we?

Image result for justin timberlake pyramid worshipping music video

Ah, yet again we have a famous musician using the exact same signs and symbols which we see non-stop repetition of. You will also notice a substantial group of people bowing down to this figure and worshiping it.

This is without a doubt demonstrating devil worship!

Image result for justin timberlake supplies

Later on in this video, he shows us large quantities of cash burning in flames. Could this possibly be subliminally warning us of the cashless society the Illuminati has planned for the world?

Maybe not, but then again, maybe it is.

This is called “predictive programming,” which is a whole lot to explain, but I will certainly dedicate videos and blog posts about it in the future. Stay tuned for those. For now, lets stay focused on the topic of today.

I mean hey, these well-known musicians certainly are not satanists or occultists though, right?

Oh noooooo, these are probably mere coincidences and they’re just being “artistic,” right!?

Come on people, wake up!

Let us move on to one of the most wicked men in the music industry. This guy is proclaimed to be one of the top ten greatest rappers of all time, which is just complete rubbish for anyone to allege to.

Image result for lil wayne chin tatoo

Shocker! He has an all seeing eye tatted on his chin, but he is not a Luciferian worshiper, right?

As you probably saw in the video collage earlier, we see yet again, another famous celebrity throwing up the “666” hand gesture over his eye.

Dang, they just love doing the same hand signs as each other, don’t they?

I guess they all have an obsession with covering one eye and getting eye balls marked on their bodies. I suppose we could assume they also adore doing the triple six hand sign.

These people are no different from gangs such as the Bloods or Crips; they are one gigantic satanic occult. These are some of the many signs and symbols they use to represent their gang. This communicates to other members they are down with the Illuminati and down with “The New World Order” agenda. It is also a subconscious sorcery method which these people practice and believe in. Celebrities and influencers are constantly showing the masses who they really are on a subliminal level. We do not realize it because we are not a part of the occult, and as a result, we will never be taught it. This is why you need to do your own research on these topics. People are way too prideful to ever admit they got conned and played by these “superstars.”

Lil Wayne’s persona is supposed to be a hardcore gangster from the streets, right?

I know you probably love Lil Wayne and you may have grown up listening to him, and therefore he reminds you of the good old days. I’m telling you though, you need to exit your emotions out of the picture, and use rational thinking for once. Everything this guy says and does along with his fellow occult members has dual meanings. When he speaks of god and how he believes in god, he is not talking about our father in heaven. He is actually referring to his father the devil. Lil Wayne is trash, his music sucks and he has zero talent. Worst of all, he speaks of blasphemous subjects and he is always talking about Satan and demons, yet he is famous because he sold his soul a long time ago.

Listen to what this sicko had said a while back.

He says he got raped at eleven and he loved it, and he’s bragging about it as if it’s an accomplishment. He says to a kid sitting with them how he is going to rape him too, just as he was. Do you see how twisted this guy really is? I sure hope you’re starting to wake up to what goes on behind the scenes with celebrities. This is the reason why we always hear about Pedophilia in Hollywood, and how there are always sexual allegations taking place.

Do not regard any of these people when they tell you what religion they practice. Again, I know you are are so infatuated by them, and therefore pretty much anything they do you’re bound to support and go along with. Any inhabitant on this planet can wear a cross and call themselves a “Christian” or a “Catholic.” This is a little something called a DECEPTION. It’s for you to become even more in love with them and for you to follow their lead.

Some of you may of heard of how rapper Birdman stepped out of the closet admitting he is bisexual, and he then went onto state how “Lil Wayne is gay as hell.” https://glamsquadmagazine.com/birdman-admits-bi-sexuality-and-says-lil-wayne-is-gay-as-hell/

The mainstream articles which were released a few years ago have all, of course, been taken down. There is still proof of this though, and you can see Anthony Webster’s tweet for further evidence. https://twitter.com/toneloc92830/status/572843869383098368

None of these rappers in the music industry and in Hollywood are gangsters. They are and have been putting on a facade for the world to witness. They all engage in homosexual activities, because that is what satanists have to do; it’s the price of being one of them. You will commonly hear of homosexual rumors taking place, especially in hip-hop and R&B. I mean, just take a glance at how modern day rappers look compared to how they used to twenty years ago. They do not appear as masculine or tough, rather they look like queers. This is all part of an agenda. The rap game had changed drastically for a REASON, and there is no such thing as COINCIDENCES when it comes to what you on television.

When I mentioned earlier in this post how “third eye navigator movements are necessary,” I was not joking. Birdman was the one who got Lil Wayne famous by getting him into the business. Anytime you hear of a famous celebrity “discovering” another popular name, it means they are the handler of whom they came upon. Birdman is Lil Wayne’s handler, meaning he controls him and has power over him. Birdman is a much higher rank than Wayne is in the occult. Consequently, if Wayne decides to be disobedient to his master, Birdman holds the ability to expose and embarrass him. When I ran through the article about what took place between them, it talked about how Wayne apparently was bumping heads with him over an “unexplained” dispute. What actually happened though was that Birdman taught his student a little lesson about being compliant with his rules and orders. It is imperative to be aware of these events. If you decide to stay uneducated, you will go through your whole life being greatly deceived.

Do not pay homage to these people. They are straight up scum bags behind the scenes. They have cheated their way to the top by selling their soul to Satan. In return, they got fame and a luxurious lifestyle. Do not let them trick you into worshiping them. You must break down their false images so you can see their true colors. Their job is to attack our subconscious minds so we can become influenced by them at an unconscious level. It takes you being aware of their little games so that your subconscious mind can be protected. Do not allow yourself to slip into an alpha state while watching television or listening to music, because then your logical thinking will be diminished. You will become way more open to their suggestions and you will become influenced to act and behave like them without you even realizing it.

Follow god. God is the only truth in this world. Focus on educating yourself and becoming the best version of you that you possibly can. Remove your mind from the corruption of this artificially manufactured matrix.

Yes I know, I only exposed a few of these renowned celebrities. I will be making a ton of videos and posts in the time ahead showing you exactly who these people really are. I will strip any one of these people naked and break down their false images for you to examine. If you have any suggestions or any particular person you want me to cover, feel free to leave their name in the comments section.

Here is even further proof of who REALLY is the big boss over in Hollywood, and the directors decided to implement this in a kids show. Hmm, wonder why!?

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