Understand Why

I just don’t seem to understand…

why do things need to be this way?

How could we have let this happen?

Did we get too caught up in the dollar signs and let paper blind us from what’s really important in life?

It sure seems like it.

We were too focused on the illusions of our fancy cars, nice clothes, glittering jewelry, exotic architecture, how we appeared on social media, and what other people might think of us that we have forgotten who we are as humans.

We wanted to make other people proud and impress our peers with the perceptions we give of our lifestyles.

What kind of world is this?

What has become of humanity?

Generation Z and the ones below it have come into a world that does not care about who anyone is on the interior.


I could be a millionaire, but be a piece of garbage and mistreat others, yet no one would care and the majority would love me. On the flip side though if I didn’t have much cash flow, but instead I was a righteous and empowering individual then the majority could care less. We judge each other based on physical appearances and material objects rather than who someone truly is as a person. We would prefer to hang around worthless people who don’t really care about us just to boost up our “social status.” We tend to leave behind all of those who truly have our best interests at heart. The rare ones who actually want the best for us and will give endless support through thick and thin are usually left in the dust.

How is this fair?

How could the majority of us be such monsters and inhumane?

What kind of sick, twisted, distorted, demonic mindset have we adopted in this day and age?

The television and social media have utterly brainwashed the younger generations into becoming something they aren’t. The vast majority of them want to be “trendy” and post pictures on their social sites so they may appear as “popular.” Most of them have little to no interest in getting to know somebody on a deep intellectual scale.

For Instance:

We see a scholar who attended Harvard University, so we then make countless assumptions of how that individual must be super “smart,” and how this particular student will excel far in life. In contrast, we have another young scholar who attended a community college, and the presumptions of this kid is that he is not very intelligent and he will not go far in life. We have grown up in a society that has subconsciously embedded this type of mentality in all of us. Many young people are aware this is a flawed tactic of examining someones character and potential success, but they have been so brainwashed by propaganda that they still will view people in this way.

I just don’t seem to understand why people refuse to see reality for what it is. While I continue my journey in this life in which god has granted all of us, I look around and see sad faces, lost souls, countless people with fake personas, identities and temperaments who put on a dog and pony show for everyone to witness. I can’t seem to fathom how the majority of inhabitants can go through life this way. Perhaps they love the lie they live, or maybe they feel they must put on these dispositions in order to be accepted by society. Whatever the case may be, in the end of the day, it is all meaningless and it’s primarily to impress other people.

You see, what almost everyone does not seem to comprehend is we all have a purpose in life. The typical American’s mindset towards surviving in this world is to go to school, graduate, get a 9-6 job, work for someone until the age of 65 and then hopefully retire (FYI the retirement age keeps going up). We were made out to be believe this specific ideology is the key to accomplishing life-long dreams. However, statistics and analytics show us this path is a mere illusion and the so-called “American dream” is literally just a dream.

If you are a fellow generation Z-er like myself, do your homework on this way of living life. If you can file a 20 page report for a school paper on a subject you don’t even care about, then I firmly believe you are capable of finding the answers to align with my claims (assuming that you care about your future).

How about we take a look at our parents as an example:

Look, I know you love them, you look up to them and you think they’re the greatest and most intelligent people in the world. Regardless of that, most of these 50 year old’s have the same mentality as 18 year old’s, they have had absolutely no subconscious cleanses, they are heavily deceived by the system that has been scripted since before they were even alive. They have been greatly fooled into thinking money is EVERYTHING, and as a result, they forgot about themselves internally and have settled in life once they made a decent living. They eventually became content and satisfied with where they currently stand in life, so now their pride is through the roof. Little do they know, they have barley had any personal growth throughout the decades.

No, sitting in front of the television every night does not count as a method of personal development, nor does resorting to any sort of entertainment or scapegoat from reality. You see, 50-60 year old adults face the same issues as teens do when it comes to cell phones. Sure, maybe they are not AS BAD as us younger generations, but that doesn’t exclude their addictions to smart phones. Every single time I drive by a bus stop on a business day, I observe adults way beyond my years all staring down at their phones and not saying one word to each other. Better yet, anytime I’m out at a restaurant or in the general public, I always see older people fixated on their phones for long periods of time. Believe it or not, my car got rear ended by a man in his 70’s about a year ago because he was distracted by his phone…

I think you see my point, right?

We are all disconnected from ourselves. Take a persons phone away from them for a whole day and they will have all sorts of anxiety. We naturally despise the idea of loneliness and feeling cut off from society, and that feeling stemming from fear of missing out always consumes us. People are so miserable and can’t stand themselves so they resort to being entertained 24/7. They would rather run far away from all of their internal problems instead of having the guts to actually deal with them and better themselves. There is a hell of a lot more education you need to do besides the minimal amounts of information you receive from school.

True education is endless, and real enlightenment comes from the abundance of topics you decide to research into ON YOUR OWN.

If the majority of people understood that simple statement, I believe the world would be full of much more bright people.”Educational” institutions and career paths can only teach you so much about life. The brutal fact of the matter is what they both teach is rarely about our intellectual scales, or how we truly function as humans, or how to reach our absolute full potential in all areas of existence. If you want to ignore what I’m saying, you can solely rely on school and your job to teach you everything there is to know about life, but understand you will never have any distinctive advancements with that kind of mentality. Besides, that’s why I gave the example with our parents, because almost all of them didn’t seek any knowledge outside of what they already think they know. Therefore, they are still practically the same person they were decades ago when they were in their early 20’s.

I just don’t seem to understand why and how we have allowed the world to come to this, and I’m frightened of where we are heading too. I’m worried sick for my generation the most, because they are the ones with the devilish mindsets. Teens and young adults will shame you for not having an Instagram account or for not keeping up with the latest television shows. It’s pathetic the way the majority operates, but I can’t change anyone. All I can do is play my part in the great awakening to destroy the powers that are in this world. This is my life’s purpose. I’m not changing for anyone.

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