How the Media Controls our Reality

Before you proceed with this writing piece, I have a question to ask you…

Are you ready to have your reality flipped upside down?

If not, then get the hell off of my page.

If you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, let me teach you a little lesson about our mainstream media. I will be covering how the mass media controls the way we think, and shapes the way that we perceive life.

Let’s dive into it!

The human mind is like a computer, no matter how efficient it may be, its reliability is only as good as the information that is fed into it. If it is possible to control the input of information into one’s mind, no matter how intelligent a person might be, it is entirely likely to control the way that person thinks. 

Yes, it’s even possible to program into our minds to laugh at the word “conspiracy” as I’ve explained how they do this in previous posts.

Television is the most powerful weapon of physiological warfare in history. There is one in pretty much every household across the country, and…

Well, lets face it…

Every one watches it!

We are living in a virtual reality, an environment that is completely controlled and created by mass media. The majority of people, especially us generation Z kids will accept without question the narratives of the media as truth.

Things such as:

Popular culture, music, movies, television and social media all carry messages of how “society works” and how people should behave.  The ultimate goal is to control people without them being consciously aware of it. 

Image result for children  hypnotized by television

Think back to whenever you have observed young children or older adults watching television, they usually have this glassy vacant look in their eyes, because they are in a trans state, they are in a hypnotic state of mind.

Check out this site to read more about how the television affects your psych.

“In an experiment in 1969, Herbert Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves– brainwaves associated with active, logical thought to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.”  

“One thing this indicates is that most parts of the brain, parts responsible for logical thought, tune out during television viewing. Research involving many others, completed in the years following Krugman’s experiment, has repeatedly shown that watching television produces brainwaves in the low Alpha range. Advertisers have known about this for a long time and they know how to take advantage of this passive, suggestible, brain state of the TV viewer.”


The powers ‘that be’ do not want you to think too much!

This is the reason why our country and our world has become utterly preliterated with; mass media, entertainment, music, television, social media apps, amusement parks, professional sports, drugs, alcohol and every kind of enjoyment that keep the human mind distracted. The grounds for all this mass pleasure is so that you will not get in the way of “important” and powerful people by doing too much coherent thinking. You better wake up and understand that there is a group of wealthy people out there guiding your life and you don’t even realize it.

Here is a high pathetical example of how easily we are lured into these entertainment traps:

Average American Citizen: “Wow, I just realized that I’m paying federal income taxes, so this means that the government is robbing me of my hard earned money…Isn’t that illegal according to the constitution? Hmm, but it was issued in by the government, wasn’t it? I wonder what caused this and how me and my fellow populace allowed this to happen!? I must do some research on this immediately.”

Rockefeller: “Hey there buddy! You don’t want to miss the modern day Roman Gladiators playing the big game tonight! Common, it’s a huge game that everyone will be talking about; you seriously do not want to miss out on it! As a matter of fact here is a television and a remote control where you can watch 30 different channels of the same things! Ah yes! Watching grown men throw a football around to each other and banging heads! It will add tons of benefits to your life!”

Average American Citizen: “hmm, you know what sir, you are right! All of the guys at work talk about football, one of my pals from the office can name every player on every single NFL team and it’s awesome! I want to gain knowledge like that for myself so that I can feel proud and smart! On top of it all, it’s so entertaining and relaxing to watch after a long hard day of work! Thank you for telling me what I should be doing tonight mister…umm…whoever you are!”

Rockefeller: “I’m one of the wealthiest people walking the earth my friend! In this great nation you are free…to do as me and my associates tell you.”


There has been a long held consolidation of ownership over mass media which has been put into the hands of fewer and fewer individuals as the years go by. There is less than half a dozen multinational corporations that are controlling the information and entertainment choices we have.  The fact of the matter is what we perceive, hear and read is all half truths. This is accurately what occurred in the last days of the Soviet Union, remember that history repeats itself.

You can see for yourself how governments through out history have been doing this.

There is a grand illusion of choice that maintains when you have hundreds of the following:

Different channels on your cable system, film making studios, record labels and innumerable magazine companies that seem endless. The owners of all these industries are only a handful of 5 different corporations. 90% of the top television channels are owned by the same giants that own the TV networks and cable systems. Sure more channels are great, but when they are all owned by the same people, cable does not advance localism, editorial diversity and competition.  Those who may believe the internet news sources alone can save us from this propaganda, should try to comprehend that the dominating internet news sources are controlled by the same media monsters.


Ok fair enough, so you want to sit there and tell me you have “freedom of press”, but that is only if you OWN it.

Now let me ask you, who owns the media?

When I say “who owns the media” I’m not speaking in literal terms here, I’m asking who CONTROLS the media.

For Example: NBC used to be owned wholly by General Electric, a corporation that was considered one of the top five defense contractors in the United States.  Do you really believe that NBC would have exposed a news story that might of some how impeded a contract negotiation for General Electric? (Which could have meant a whole lot of money for GE).

I don’t think so.

The point is that we have “elected” officials in our government and politicians that cater to who?

It’s certainly not us the common people!

Oh no, we do not have enough money to contribute to their election campaigns. 

The ones who supply the most funds are the giant corporations. This leads representatives and senators to do whatever is in the best interest of those who are helping them out, not what is in the best interest for you and I. If the corporations are controlling and influencing our “elected” officials, then we must take a glance at our mainstream media.

This begs the questions of who pays the bulk of advertising dollars to keep all of these networks running?

If you could not guess, it’s the major corporations.

So what we have now is corporate controlled media, and politicians. This is why some people call it the “corporate borage”, because they have assimilated nearly all different areas of our entire society. These corporations also control agriculture, technology, education, manufacturing, industry, and communication just to name a few. This is not a government that is for the people, this is a government that is for the corporations. When business controls government this is without question the definition of fascism. There are two primary means by which people can be manipulated and controlled. The first and very basic one is the control of information, if us the people don’t have all of the facts straight on any particular topic, then our judgment is going to be no better than the quality of our information that we receive.

America forms its opinions by the information that is provided to them. Commonsense will tell them that if the information that they get from the mainstream media is misinformation or disinformation or if it’s a flat out lie; then commonsense will also tell them that the opinion is an extension of the lie. Unfortunately for America and the rest of the world, we are being fed information that is massaged, spun and is being prepared for us to consume. The television is a massive hypnotist to the global mind, and plants various beliefs into our reality by the minute.  Once we take that belief that has been implanted in our minds, we begin to process it by editing it in our minds based on that particular idea. What the global population is being subjected to is actually mass hypnosis.

When someone like me comes on here and tells you about all the manipulation with mass media, you just think I’m insane. However, there have been many individuals who I woke up from the illusions and delusions they were under. They always holler the same things when they snap out of it:

“Hey! I can see it now.”

“Whoa, I woke up!”

This goes for me as well.

Realistically it’s as if we are all under a spell that none of us are consciously aware of.  If someone makes you aware of these things and if you have a brain stem then you should easily be able to spot the dog and pony show.

This is exactly what television is, a mass hypnosis for the world populous to be under a hex. The television is the greatest mind manipulator on the planet, and that is the precise reason of why it was invented and put into society in the first place.

It’s funny too how people are so dumbed down to the idea of hypnosis and believe that it’s just a myth.

You can thank your idiot box (television) for making you think that. If you can’t see how the TV dumbs you down, then you’re just another ignorant sheep who is completely lost in life.

Image result for Margaret Thaler Singer

According to Dr. Margaret Thaler Singer at the University of California-

“Hypnosis is simply a mental transaction in which a person has focused their attention long enough that they have stopped being critical and are way more open to suggestions.”

Source: Top documentary films- Wake Up Call: The New World Order.

There is no difference between an advertiser trying to sell you products or propagandas trying to sell you ideas. The whole point is to build into us a conditioned response to where we will respond automatically without thinking. This could be a preference to a particular product or a particular idea.

If you think about it, whenever you hear a news anchor speak on TV, you will notice that their speech patterns are very similar to a hypnosis. The news broadcasters look directly into the cameras so that they pierce into the eyes of the viewers such as a hypnotizer would do to a patient. We are all aware that the lion’s share of broadcasters sound like silly robots when they are narrating their scripts…

Am I right or am I right!?

Have you ever heard the phrase “every one knows that” ?

Well, why does “everyone know that” ?

It’s because the system is controlled by what I refer to as “repeaters.” The reason I call them that is due to the fact we have people with power and influence who simply just repeat what they are told.

For example:

A doctor is just repeating what he was taught in medical school and what the drug companies have told him.

Teachers recite what they have been taught in their exams and what they’ve learned in instructor training facilities.

The greatest repeaters however are the ones who pass for journalists. I say this, due to the fact most journalists don’t know what’s happened before they arrive at the scene of an event.

This is what all journalists should really be saying…

I will pretend here to be a truthful journalist-

Jmasterproductions: “Now over here for your latest news, broadcasting to you live from New Jersey, well I have to honest here everyone, I have absolutely no clue what is going on here at this scene. My job is to deliver to you all of the information about what the people who won’t let me near the sight told me is happening. Essentially what I do here is to tell you the narrative as if I truly know what is going on, but in reality I have no idea if what I’m saying is factual. In other words, they just tell me what to tell you and for me to act as if it’s true. I mean hey, they would not lie to me right? The politicians and government officials wouldn’t do that right? Common, I’m a journalist that you never met before, you can trust me! Ah who am I kidding, this all is mere propaganda that they deliver to me and then I convey it back to you.  Anyway, this is Jmasterproductions reporting to you live from Alphabet Soup News, have a wonderful day and believe everything that we tell you!”

Now please, don’t get all sensitive and angry at me like a 10 year old girl.

I’m just the messenger here giving you the extreme harsh reality of our world. If it is your dream to become a news anchor for a television station, I think you should educate yourself first on how this world truly works. Unless of course, you don’t mind spreading false information and propaganda in order to manipulate your fellow citizens.

Lets think about it in this way:

20 years ago, homosexuals and the whole LGBTQ was looked down upon by the majority. Over the past decade, the mass media has shoved down our throats the idea that we must be accepting of homosexuals. Over an extensive period of time they kept showing us the constant repetition to recognize gays, lesbians and transgenders. They pulled on all of our heart strings, toyed with our emotions on the subject and made us feel sorry for these people. The media subsequently presented to us famous celebrities and influencers opening up to the public of how they are gay, lesbian, bisexual and even went as far as having some of them be transgender. The affect that this meticulous agenda has on our society is fanatical.

The powers ‘that be’ had soon successfully flipped the script in terms of the majority being tolerant of homosexuals. In today’s world people are gay and proud of it, now these communities shove their pride in heterosexual people’s faces. These groups of gays are just waiting for a straight person to slip up and murmur a word like “fag” on accident, in this way the queers can cause a scene. Then they can get the majority of people to help back them up, since being gay is considered to be cool nowadays. The laws protect these LBGTQ communities currently, if you speak out against being compliant with them, it is considered “hate speech” and you will face consequences and penalties for being “disobedient” to the system. This ties into one of the reasons why everyone is so sensitive these days, hence the “I’m offended” movements.

What the media has done over the past 20 years is fruitfully get all of us to think with our emotions 24/7. Let me tell you that this is only a small recipe to slowly destruct a society from within. This is just one tiny example of how the corporate owned mass media can completely change reality.

Look, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with being gay or lesbian, or that I have any personal problems with them.

Do I agree that we should all be obligated into accepting it into society?

No, I do not agree.

I will save this type of discussion for a different post.

The big picture I’m attempting to draw out for you here is that you can clearly see how the media can change the way we all think.

If you can’t see it then I give up on you. 

For those who can distinguish how the media manipulates all of us, I understand that many of the principles and ideologies that they present to us may seem all lovely and fuzzy on the exterior. I need you to realize though that it is all grand deceptions, the true meanings behind their intentions is way more sinister than how it appears on the surface. It is never to benefit us; there is always a catch that does not do any good to us, the everyday people.

This is why I consistently tell you all to do your own deep research on what I discuss, because it is truly the best way for you to get a grasp on these issues.

Image result for the truman show

I’m trying to help you understand how this is all a controlled reality, it’s just like that movie “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey, which by the way shows you a ton of subliminal truth about life. The media is an essential tool for the Illuminati on manipulating societies and for the masses to eventually accept the new world order.

The gay agenda has poisoned many souls out there, ESPECIALLY generation Z. I’m not joking when I say that it seems as if every other female I meet claims that they are bi-sexual. This stuff confuses young adults, teens and kids from an awful young age about their sexuality.

The younger generations have been brought into a world that has been entirely flipped upside down. I’m sorry to tell you that if you are a homosexual reading this…

NO, the Illuminati does not care about gays.

They can give a damn less about you, they have done this because the ‘powers that be’ are all Satanists, and they do the direct opposite of God’s word. God forbids his people to be lenient of homosexuality, so what does Satan do about this?

The opposite!

He wants the inhabitants of the world to be accepting of homosexuals, only for the reason that God prohibits the idea, and for the mere fact that it is a compact ingredient for disaster amongst a society. Keep in mind folks, whether we want to consider it or not the world that we live in is a spiritual battle.  

Nonetheless if you don’t believe in god or the devil, that’s fine because my point here is that your elite Illuminati 100% believes in it and they are following what the bible articulates in reverse.

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