The “War on Terror”

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“If you tell people a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda Minister (1933-1945).


“Uh oh, terrorists!”

“Terrorism is a huge threat to America!”

The word “terrorist” has been and still is a term hypnotically repeated over and over again.  When we hear that word, us average Americans immediately think of groups such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS.  However, “the war on terrorism” that’s pushed in our faces 24/7 is an inescapable focus of our existence.

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Webster Tarpley, an American historian, had this to say about governments using an enemy figure to promote fear within a society:

“The entire US ruling elite class comes to see terrorism as a way of a preferred means to provide social cohesion, give an enemy image for a society to keep them well put together. It’s the Neocon theory from Carl Schmidt; you need to have an enemy image in order to have a society. This is a very dangerous thing because now the entire social order (political parties, intellectual life and politics in general) are all based on a monstrous myth.”

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Jason Burke, British author and terrorism expert, also had something strikingly similar to say about “terrorists:”

“The idea which is critical to the FBI’s prosecution that Bin Laden ran a terrorist organization with tentacles spreading around the world is a myth. There is no Al-quada organization; there is no international network with carters who will obey orders all around America, Africa and Europe.  That idea of a structured terrorist network with an organized capability simply does not exist.”

Reference for these three quote:

Top documentary films- Wake Up Call: The New World Order.


This whole “war on terrorism” idea is really a war on our freedom.  It provides a convenient cover for the rapid erosion of freedom and privacy that is essential for the new world order to succeed.  We are being told that an authoritarian surveillance society is necessary to protect us from “terrorism.” In reality though, this information is being put into place to control us as we descend into Tyranny.    

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The real terrorists in this world are not who we have been told they are. In fact, the real terrorists of this world are those who hold extreme power and are those who are at the top hierarchy of the Illuminati power structure. These are the people who are never spoken about in the mass media. 

Would you like to know who the so-called “terrorists” are in the eyes of the Illuminati?

It’s me, and every other so-called “conspiracy theorist” or truth channel out there. The “terrorists” perceived by the higher powers are those who promote and market the truth about the world.

Why is it us?

Because we know the truth and we stand for the reality of this world. We will do nothing but give others the harsh legitimacy about the world we live in. We are the most dangerous people in the world to the Illuminati, and because we know their plans and agendas, we have the eyes to see through all of their bullshit. They can’t fool us and they know we will assist in the great awakening so their ambitions for a new world order will fail. We are disobedient to the rigged system that has been put in place. Someone like me is their worst nightmare.   

Let’s dig into the psychology of how these elite groups operate around us.

There are several key mind manipulation techniques, which are very powerful propaganda tools. The most effective and powerful method (which is used on us all of the time) is a scenario called “problem, reaction, solution.” This is a mind manipulation method which leads individuals to become distracted by the manipulator’s goals.  The main objective is to make us average citizens demand what they wish to implement into place anyway, This is happening 24/7.

Once you realize this, you will begin to read your newspapers in a whole different light, because you will see this is relentlessly occurring.

It’s quite simple, The powers that be create fixed problems for a society to witness, and then ensure a person or group is blamed for it instead. Examples of this could be a bombing attack, a place being shot up, currency collapse, government collapse or a war. We have seen the higher powers do this countless times in history when it comes to wars.

Doesn’t everyone know that the Rothschild banking cartel has been funding all sides of wars since Napoleon? 

Oh, you didn’t know?

Well, now you do.

Do you know how profitable wars are for these elite families?

Check out this article about the history of the Rothschild banking dynasty and their involvement with wars.

For those of you who don’t believe in any of this or think it’s just a conspiracy, take some time to research these ideas.  The media is used to sway public opinion in relation to the manufactured problem, until the people mutter the words…

“What is this!?”  

“This can’t go on any longer!”

“Something must be done!”

“Enough is enough!”

This always leads to average citizens giving their power away to the government and trading their freedom for our safety.  Essentially, we leave it all up to the government and rely on them to fix the same issues which they ultimately caused.

Those who created these problems will have a scapegoat to put all of the blame on, which will allow them to successfully sway the public’s opinions. Next, the presidential puppets will go up on stages, arenas and parliaments in front of the public eye, and provide solutions to the issues they initiated in the first place.

Why don’t you take a look at your weekly news outlets and find a moment in time when the word “terrorism” was not mentioned?

You won’t be able to.

Since 9/11, the word “terrorist” has been shoved down our throats practically non-stop.

If you consistently tell people a lie long enough, they will obviously begin to believe it!

Open up your eyes, this creates fear and panic throughout American culture. As a result, we blindly allow the government to spy on us and pass laws that strip our freedoms away.

If the powers that be want more cameras out on the streets, more armed police forces, more authoritarian law, and greater obstructions of freedom, they must scare the public. Only then will we search for a savior to protect us from whatever it is that we have been frightened of.

The Illuminati’s goal is to convince us to demand our government make changes and have us willingly agree to what they want without asking questions.

This is all done through mass deceptions that you may not be able to initially wrap your head around, because it is easy to believe everything that your government tells you.

The war on freedom is real.

We are constantly being told that we have to support the war on terror. However, when you look at bills like Section 215 of the Patriot Act, it allows law enforcement agencies, including the FBI , to utilize a strategy that they refer to as “sneak and peak.”

Section 215 of the Patriot Act violates the Constitution in several ways. It violates the Fourth Amendment, which states how the government cannot conduct a search without obtaining a warrant, and they must show and probable cause to believe that person has committed or will commit a crime.

“Sneak and peek warrants are addressed in Section 213, under Title II, or the Enhanced Surveillance Procedures. Sneak and peek warrants are not exclusive to acts of foreign and domestic terrorism but are applicable to any federal crime, including misdemeanors.”

Additionally, you’d be surprised to know that you can be arrested with no charges revealed to you, and detained indefinitely with no access to a lawyer. Worst of all, you can be legally tortured by the government and their law enforcement. This is all due to the “suspicion” in their eyes that you might be a “terrorist.”

“Sneak and Peak” is just a small example of the demise of American’s freedoms.

Former President Bush also passed a law under the table that had no press coverage, which stated that if anyone protested against the war in Iraq then the government could have confiscated all of your assets.

There is a program here in the U.S. called “Echelon,” which grants the higher powers the ability to listen into every phone call, read all text messages, emails and even fax messages. This is all kept indefinitely on computer data at the headquarters of major law enforcement agencies.  What the American people need to understand is that the vast amounts of money that this country spends on “defense” is not to protect America, but rather to control the American population as we move from freedom to fascism.

Read this article here for further information on Echelon.

Since history always repeats itself, lets use Adolf Hitler as an example of “problem, reaction, solution.”

In February of 1933, Hitler staged a false flag attack, burning down his own German parliament building.  He then blamed this on “communist terrorists.” Within the next few weeks, Hitler signed the “Enabling Act” which eradicated the German constitution and destroyed people’s liberties.  He then led a series of wars, which were all justified to the German people as “necessary” to maintain “homeland security.”

You can read more about this false flag incident here.

Did you know it has been rumored that George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler both said the exact same lines as one another when addressing the public about “terrorism?”  

This is what they allegedly said:

“An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.”

Tom Lambert, a historian blogger shows the parallels between 9/11 and the burning down of Hitler’s parliament building.

However, he also claims he cannot find any exact citations of Bush quoting Hitler. Personally, I believe Bush gave a subliminal message to the masses that America is going to soon become a police state. Keep in mind, the powers that be cannot have TOO much direct evidence online which would reveal who they truly are or what their precise agendas are.

George Bush stated this as a reference to Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Hitler also apparently announced this line when he delivered the Gestapo to the German people.

Is this a mere coincidence?

It’s absolutely crucial for you to wake up and see the truths about these lies, or else they win.

This was all part of a script.

How are these laws protecting our freedom?

How is an invasion of privacy and stripping away our rights protecting us?

We have been duped into believing that America’s enemies are groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. However, in reality, those groups are just projections that the media gives us so that we can continue to live in fear. Our true enemies are the people who you don’t see or hear about on the television.  

I’m going to show you a video clip of a man named Aaron Russo who was a former filmmaker. He met Nicholas Rockefeller 11 months before 9/11 happened, and he was absolutely appalled by what Mr. Rockefeller had revealed to him about his family’s ambitions. He even foreshadowed to Mr. Russo how there was going to be a major terrorist attack that would be blamed on Bin Laden.

I seriously hope you are starting to see how the earth is one giant stage for these world powers. If you continue to ignore these warnings, you’re only hurting yourself.

There is not much us Generation Z babies can do about this, because the older generations have allowed the government to sign many unconstitutional acts into law.

Sure, we could get mad at our folks for being naive and foolish, but it won’t do us any good. Many of our parents are in their 50’s and have been deceived their whole lives by the rigged system that has been created for us; they are walking zombies. The only thing we can do is wake people up to this madness before it’s too late.

If you really think you own your home, try missing payments on your taxes (modern taxes are unconstitutional by the way), and then you will find out who REALLY owns it. 

On “Patriotic” holidays, many of us get together, wave our American flags and sing all of these patriot songs during barbecues. We have something called an illusion of freedom; we are in a matrix that we can’t escape. If us younger generations continue to live this false reality, then we are doomed. You will never get to see the day when you have a loving wife/husband, your own beautiful home and when you conceive children.

Please for the love of God; stop watching movies and TV shows that give you a false sense of hope. The television is factually brainwashing you into thinking that what you see on the screen is real life. The exact same can be said for social media and how people give a false perspective of their lives. Social media is the gateway to all sorts of addiction and mental illness.

Stop entertaining the idea that you have freedom and instead, discontinue letting your emotions drive you everywhere. You need to face reality before it hits you like a train wreck.  Everything in this country is an illusion on the surface. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

During these “patriot holidays” college kids are quick to down alcohol, take drugs, and party. In reality, many of these kids are uneducated to the true realities of what is occurring in society. Rather than taking the time to invest themselves in partying and the non-sense that they learn in school, if these kids took the time to do their research about our worlds reality, there would be much better outcomes.

College is another example of the way the Illuminati continue to blindside us, especially young people. It’s a ticket to get a 9-6 job that you work 50 hours a week at and lose all of the time that you have for yourself. You become a labor slave to a corporation living pay check to pay check. You have a boss who controls your finances which means that your supervisor controls your life. The cherry on top though is when you graduate you have $40,000 of student loan debt with interest, which will more than likely follow you to your grave.

In my recent blog post, I mention how John D. Rockefeller had started and funded the General Education Board back in 1903. The same family who started the education system are the same people with relative responsibility for 9/11 and were also involved in starting the federal reserve, the media and the war on terror propaganda; just to name a few of their entanglements.

Generation Z, you all need to get your heads out of this matrix. It is destroying you without you even realizing it. Separate yourself from fools and build your own independent empire. The ruthless elite will stop at nothing to get what they want, but if we keep on exposing them then more people will wake up.

If you continue living in your fantasies, you are going to keep falling for the deceptions and propaganda that will be presented to you. In other words, you are going to be lead astray and you will certainly not like where you end up.

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