Who Owns Our Media

Ah Yes, the mainstream media, our favorite source to get information from.

The emotional roller coaster they give us is such an addicting rush that we always come running back for more.

The two sides and narratives that they present to us is so glorious, because we get to pick which side we want to choose…even if both parties are wrong!

What a beautiful thing we have in this nation, the freedom of choice to pick between two sides that are both owned and controlled by the same people!

“How dare Mr. Jmasterproductions says such a thing! I made the rational decision to chose the side of the Trump impeachment, because…umm…well…the media sometimes portrays Trump as a bully!”


Do you know who owns all of the world’s media?

It sure as hell is not your government.

What if I had the audacity to tell you that your mainstream media does nothing but create smoke screens, distract you from the real truth, and makes us average citizens fight with one another?

Is that a little too far fetched?

Is it too fanatical?

Can you handle someone telling you that without you getting all upset like a 10 year old girl?????????????????

If the answer is no to the third question, then please exit this page.

If you have not checked out my last blog, please read it, because if you don’t this will be hard for you to follow. I interconnect many things such as celebrities promoting occult teachings and satanism, and how the media, the federal reserve, and the richest bankers in the world are all connected.

Please, only read through it if you think you can handle it.


What’s hysterical to me about the mass media, is that this is the only way people get their information about what is going on the world. Too much of the American population does not ever question the “truth” that the mainstream gives us. They can give us a narrative about anything, and unfortunately most people will automatically believe it without any question, and then move on with their day, thinking that whatever the news just told them is reality. No one really wants to look beyond the surface of what the mainstream has to say about the world.

Even if citizens were to question what the media is telling us, they will still be mislead, because most Americans fail to examine the big picture.

This is the reason why many foreigners will call Americans “dumb” because of how much trust we have in the mass media.

Quick story-

This past summer I took a nice vacation down in the Jersey shore, and the manager of the hotel I stayed at was a young Egyptian guy, he was only about a year older than me. He explained to me that his parents recently bought out the hotel, and that he was only here in the United States for the summer running the business for them. Him and I really kicked it off and we got along very well. Somehow the media was brought up in our conversation, he mentioned that Americans are really stupid and naive, because all we do is listen to what our media outlets tell us. I told him that I could not agree with him more on the subject. He explained that many people are frightened of him because the US has portrayed people with his skin color to all be terrorists. Despite the fact that he is Egyptian, and not Iranian, these two minorities have similar skin color, due to that reason people in the US will subconsciously look at him in a negative way.

It’s a sad reality that i’m sure many foreigners with “sand” type skin color can all relate to.

Now what people in America simply don’t understand, is that the real terrorists are actually the richest and wealthiest families in the world. These elite families control the American media and almost the entire world’s news outlets as well.

Oh yes, it goes deep.

If you didn’t already know, the US government does not control 90% of the media that we see everyday. The mass media in this country is corporate controlled, and the US government has no power over any of this.

I said this in my last blog, but I will say it again…

If you don’t see the problem with corporations being responsible for our everyday news and not the US government, then I really don’t know what to tell you.

You can take a look at this article here showing the media monopoly and how five corporate giants own 90% of the media outlets.


If you went through the article you saw that the following corporations control the mass media; Comcast (via NBCUniversal), Disney, Viacom & CBS (both controlled by National Amusements), and AT&T (via WarnerMedia).

NBC universal is headquartered at the Rockefeller center. For those of you who are unaware, the Rockefeller family is one of the wealthiest families walking the earth. They have been around for well over a century, and they are infamously known for being affiliated with the Rothschild family. The Rothschilds are the family who have a monopoly on the worlds central banks, which include the federal reserve here in the United States.

In the year 1991, there was a secret Bilderberg meeting held by some of the wealthiest and most powerful men and women in the world, which took place here in the US. The government was not involved and there was a blackout of the media…meaning there was zero press coverage on these exclusive meetings.

Here is what Mr. David Rockefeller had to say about the media black out-

Image result for david rockefeller quote about the media"

This quote is coming from the same man who also stated this in his book-

Image result for david rockefeller quote about the media"

This is a clear as day reference to the new world order.

When business overpowers governments, this is called plutocracy. Plutocracy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income. The first known use of the term in English dates from 1631. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy.

In the first picture of David Rockefeller’s quote, he stated how the head board members attended the Bilderberg meetings.

Does that not raise any suspicion to you?

These people are not at all government officials, they are simply rich and powerful people in the world who have sucked the wealth away from us. They are the ones with the REAL freedom, not you and I. Essentially what he said is that the heads of the media are working with him and these other elite members to form a one world government.

But the media has nothing to do with manipulating us right?

If you still think that your news is legit and that these anchors are not actors with scripts, here is one small example for you to witness how this is all just show business.

You can find many other examples of this online.

It’s really not that difficult to spot this dog and pony show, you just need to do you own research and accept the fact that you have been duped by the system.

If you continue to be like the majority and think in the same way that everyone else does you are guaranteed to perish.

The media board members serves Rockefeller, the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergs. These few elite families own the corners of the earth along with a handful of others. Due to their enormous amount of wealth they can bribe anyone into doing what they want. Remember, almost every man or women has their price, most people will happily give their soul away because they are blinded by the dollar signs presented to them.

The families that I just mentioned are indeed the ones who control and own the mass media. If all of these news outlets and “credible sources” are controlled by the same people, do you see how this can cause chaos between average citizens?

Do you see how the media gives us a false sense of reality?

Do you have the balls to admit that you got fooled into believing their lies?

It’s all controlled and scripted, but most people simply do not realize it. They tell us what to think, they will present a narrative of “truth”, or they will give us two tales and make certain media outlets bias. This can cause fighting, confusion, suggestive thinking, and it gives us an illusion of choice.

I pray that you’re starting to open up your eyes to this stuff because it’s no joke, and if you still are not convinced, you can keep laughing, but i’ll be having the last chuckles when your being led by the government to those Walmart FEMA camps.

The few families who have control over all of this media are rarely ever spoken about in our news because they don’t want you knowing exactly who they are. Hence, that is the reason why many citizens in America do not even know who the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds are. This is how they can operate and maneuver in secrecy and not raise any suspicion around their names.

The rare instances where these elite family names are brought up in the mainstream news, is only if they’re shedding a bright light on them, meaning that the media is always going to paint them out to be heroes who are extremely wealthy, and basically just chilling and relaxing in their luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, the media outlets will tell us how these groups are philanthropists who are always donating money, and funding certain events (which of course always has an agenda behind it).

They are and have been funding the media and commanding them to shove whatever agenda they want to push right down our throats.

John. D Rockefeller (the original Rockefeller) was the one who started and funded the General Education Board in 1903. This is what he had to say on the subject of America’s education system:

Image result for john d rockefeller quotes about workers

There is much evidence out there of how these elite groups have infiltrated the education system over a century ago, I will certainly make many posts and videos about this in the future.

Image result for john d rockefeller quotes about the education system

The “education” system in this nation is really not what we think it is, they have played all of us.

This stuff goes deeper beyond your wildest imagination, that is why the majority reject this as truth. The truth hurts, and it is stranger than fiction. The media does not talk about this stuff, therefore no one talks about it, that is why when someone like me mentions these topics you label me as crazy.

One last question to end this-

If you’re trying to find out who controls the entire media by looking at so called “credible” sources, and by “credible,” I’m referring to those alphabet soups such as ABC, NBC, FOX, nvh, dhr, xyz, bsw…

…or I don’t know, you name any alphabet order that you want.

Do you honestly believe that they are going to expose themselves??????

Think long and hard about it.

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