Wake up Generation Z

Have you ever had the feeling that something was terribly wrong with the world that we live in, but couldn’t figure out exactly what it is? Well then, you have come to the right place.

I believe if at this moment you are from the age range of 13-24 then you would be under the identity of Generation Z. I, myself, am a part of this hopeless generation of kids and young adults who don’t seem to even know which way is up. Look, the goal of my videos and these blogs is not to insult you. I will be covering very controversial topics here. If you are an emotional person or if you get easily offended then please leave this page.

In the video I posted I did indeed bounce around from topic to topic as there was so much on my mind and so much I wanted to cover in the short amount of time that I had. I will be talking about many issues in this world specifically for the younger generations. As I mentioned in my video, I certainly am not the smartest person nor am I an expert on anything. There has been a lot that has gone on in my life the past 4 years that eventually lead me into truth. I will explain in other videos and posts more about myself, but for now, let’s focus on us generation z kids as a whole.

The biggest problem with this generation of inhabitants is that we never ask questions. No, I’m not talking about the annoying kid in your classroom who asks more questions than he/she needs to, I’m talking about life in general. We are so used to being told what to do, beginning with pre-school and kindergarten.

As we get older if we were to ever ask questions in school such as “Why do we need to learn this?” “Why do we need to do homework?” “Why does this teacher always have such bad coffee breath?” Then guess what? You get scolded and you get in trouble. You get put in time out and depending on the strictness of your teacher he/she might even tell your mommy and daddy how you “acted up” in school that day.

You see, this is where the social engineering begins. At the young age of five, you are thrown into a system that raises you as a child while your parents are hard at work. You can say parents raise you as a kid which of course is true to a certain extent. However, you are spending roughly 35 hours a week being taught stuff that you can’t question or deny as truth. The education system is government owned and they only teach you what they want you to know. When we were in school we were not allowed to question how accurate the things that the teacher was preaching to us were, and If we did we got a penalty. This type of stuff plants seeds in our minds from super young ages to be obedient to the system that we live under. “Just go with it or else” is basically what the subconscious lesson is here. The system raises you as a kid.

The Media

Wow so much to say about this one, but I will keep it brief for now. Our media is owned and controlled by the same group of people who control our education systems, our banks, our oil, our food, our water supply, and all of the giant corporations and almost everything else that you could imagine.

You need to understand that every industry is monopolized, however that is a different topic for a different day. The mainstream media controls the way we think, and it can paint a picture of any topic as good or bad. It really is as simple as that. If they want the narrative to be negative then whatever they are talking about will be portrayed as so. The people AKA the sheep feed into this nonsense constantly, they will believe anything that the media tells them. The media pulls on your heartstrings with deceptive tactics and toys with your feelings and emotions. Oh trust me, they understand everything there is to know about how human psychology really works. This is how they influence us “average citizens” to think and act a certain way. It’s mind control and I don’t care how that makes you feel.

They are controlling you on a subconscious level here. Let’s put away our pride and throw our egos to the side and try to comprehend what these people are doing to you. When I say “these people” I’m referring to your elite Illuminati. I’m sure many of you have heard that infamous name before as there is so much controversy on whether they exist or not. It could not be more obvious that they DO in fact exist. People will always think otherwise because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Remember this, the best place to hide is in plain sight.

Now let’s sum up everyone’s favorite, social media.

Oh isn’t it just splendid going on your Instagram and seeing all of your friends, family’s, and complete strangers pictures!?

I bet if you’re a girl reading this you would kill someone to have a body like that model Sommer Ray. I put money on it that if you’re a dude reading this that you would pay a large quantity of cash to look like The Rock. Well, unfortunately for you, you will never look like them or be them, sorry to break it to you.

Anyway, social media is another method of attacking our subconscious mind. We absolutely love that dopamine rush we get when we post a picture and watch the likes and comments rack up. Oh yes we do. It’s pretty much a physiological drug that we fiend and can never get enough of. It makes us feel good and it makes us feel important. The problem with this though is that it has the same effects on our mind as heroin would. You keep chasing that initial high and then you can never experience it again. This leads to countless issues such as depression, anxiety, insecurities and a bunch of social issues.

Here is a video of two former Facebook employees who assisted in developing the app before it was launched. You seriously need to listen to what they say about social media and how it affects society. They literally admit that they are guilty for what they have done to the world.

We love giving our followers the illusion that we are this super cool and hot person living this glamorous lifestyle, when in reality, behind closed doors many of us are miserable and hate ourselves. We enjoy giving others a false perspective of reality, and we deceive others on how we look and who we really are. We all want to be cool and fit in, we want to be like our favorite celebrity, and we want to be just like that really popular girl at our school. Sadly, we all have the prospective wrong. The fact of the matter is we don’t know what people are truly feeling on the inside. We are unaware of what goes on when no one is around in people’s lives. People lie to you and they always will, keep that in mind.


Let’s all be politically correct and post our political beliefs on Facebook!

Trump sucks!

No Trump is the greatest president ever!

Impeach! impeach!

Listen to me very carefully, the people in our governments make us average citizens fight with one another. You have to comprehend that there is never ever going to be peace by you getting all riled up over politicians. I apologize in advance for saying this, but Trump does not care about you. Obama does not care about you. George Bush Jr. and Sr. do not care about you. By the way, didn’t George Bush Sr. go on live television talking about The New World order a few times? I believe he did…let’s take a look.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the New World Order is, it is a plot by these secret societies to put the whole world under one government, one language, one religion, one gender, one military, one law and one currency system. The leader of this Satanic world order will be dictated by one man known as the man of sin. This man will be in biblical terms the “anti-messiah.” The whole world will be forced to worship him and he will reign for a short period of time. That is a whole different topic that I will save for a rainy day, now let’s get back to our politicians.

What I’m saying here is that no president has ever cared about us. They are masters of deception. They are all related through blood and the only reason why they are in the positions that they are in is because they were born into these elite families, and I will make detailed videos on this. They are controlled by the elite Illuminati, for our presidents are the servants to these wicked group of elite.

Check this link out if you don’t believe me. https://curiousmindmagazine.com/all-us-presidents-including-trump-are-descendants-of-the-same-english-king/

The last president to actually care about its citizens was John F. Kennedy. He made an effort to defeat this powerful group of people, which tragically cost him his life. Do not for one second believe the narrative of what our mainstream tells us about his death, I will dedicate a video for JFK in the future. Every presidential candidate prior and after JFK has been and still are mere puppets with scripts. They follow orders from the same people who own our media and are fulfilling their roles by getting us to fight with each other. Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats. Thus, causing all of us to despise one another. People will go as far as hurting and killing each other over this nonsense. It’s the never ending dog and pony show.

I know that this sounds insane to you. I know that I sound like your typical conspiracy theorist, and I understand that you imagine me in a tin foil hat living in my grandma’s basement. That visual you receive of me, by the way, is a social engineering method the main stream media uses to get you mad at someone like me. It’s for you to get this false image of me. You automatically think that I’m a loser. You automatically assume that I’m clinically insane. You believe that I’m dumb and wasting my time with this kind of discussion. Well, the harsh reality is that truth is stranger than fiction folks.

Many of our parents are hopelessly deceived and under the illusion of this system. I can’t talk about any of this stuff to my parents. My own parents will slander me and try to throw anything I say back in my face. My folks are 58 years old and they act like children when I mention this stuff. The reason they react this way is because it hurts them deep down inside, they are prideful and have inflated egos just like all of us do. They don’t ever want to believe that the topics I speak of are facts. They refuse to look into any of these things, and they sit in front of the damn television every single night and get entertained by these sellout celebrities. I bet my bottom dollar that your parents would/are doing the same thing as mine. You see how predictable they are? Do you see how older generations are absolutely blind to these things as well? This is why it’s relatively easy for these secret societies to maneuver all over us, we are so predictable and gullible. They have our parents generation right where they want them, and Generation Z seems utterly hopeless.

Most of us can see the problems in society. However, everyone is too busy and distracted with their own lives to take the time to understand the roots of all these issues, or they are simply just afraid to dig deep into truth. It certainly is a frightening awakening at first. This is a big risk on my end, because what i’m doing is dangerous. That being said though, If I ever do go missing or if I die a sudden death, well then you will know that all of the crazy stuff I spoke about was true after all.

At this moment is when I step into the battlefield, I have sat back with this knowledge for far too long. I’m fed up of being fearful and holding back. I’m sick and tired of refraining from the truth just because of other people’s judgment. Despite how the truth might make others feel, someone needs to tell the truth here, and I guess that someone is going to be me. It appears to me that the great majority of generation Zers either do not have the balls to speak about these topics or they are just unaware of all these things. My mission is to wake up this younger generation and expose all of these people in power for who they really are. We must not let the wealthy and wicked control our reality. I will stop at no cost to get the truth out there.

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    Let’s all be politically correct and post our political beliefs on Facebook!

    Trump sucks!

    No Trump is the greatest president ever!

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